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After 6 weeks of painting the 25 painting series “Looking Through Windows” is done.

If you live in the Sacramento area, please come and see the exhibit! It will be exhibited at the 20th Street Art Gallery. The exhibit will be on display November 11 – December 24, 2009. To see a preview of the exhibit, check out the gallery’s blog here.

I photographed all the paintings and turned them in yesterday.  While I was at the gallery, I received some postcards and my sample piece that I turned with my application for the exhibit.  That reminded me that I haven’t shared this yet —  here is my sample piece,  “Rooftops”,  oil on canvas paper:

sample - rooftops

To get ready for the exhibit, I put the images together in the order I would like them to hang on the wall.  I decided to order them based on color instead of when I completed them.  I think it looks nicer this way.  The five on the bottom will not hang in the exhibit initially, they are extras and will be hung as pieces sell from the exhibit. And thus they are my least favorites.  Here they are all together (click image to see larger):

Windows Series

It’s amazing what a person is capable of under stress.  If you remember my last update was titled “yikes!”.  At the end of week four I had less than half the paintings completed and in the last week and a half, I finished the rest.  Here are some larger, individual photos of my favorites that I haven’t already shared in previous posts:









Less than two weeks to go.  And I’m still behind. In fact, I’m a bit stressed out. At this point I need to finish at least one a day. So … I spent today sketching out all the remaining paintings and started painting a few of them. I feel a little better that I have a plan for each. But I need to work faster. And some of these remaining paintings are going to be simpler and less detailed so that I don’t run out of time.  In the interest of time, I will only share with you the 5 I finished last week (no in-progress shots).  And here they are:






I may not post next week. We’ll see if I find the time. If I don’t, the next post will show all 25 completed paintings. Stay tuned!

Week 2 already?! Ok, so I wasn’t as productive as I should have been…so now I am behind schedule. But it’s okay. My new plan is to figure out as many of my ideas as I can and get the basic composition and/or background painted out. That way I will not need to stress over coming up with ideas and I can just paint.

So without further adieu … here’s what I accomplished this week …

I finished Montbleu Window, Tahoe. (Btw — these titles are not the official titles, I probably won’t have them titled until the end). This is a composite of several different photos I took from our hotel room window a couple years ago.

Tahoe-Montbleu-Window web

The Hummingbird Painting is mostly done.  I plan to spend a few minutes cleaning it up before it’s completely done and ready to be signed 🙂


The Japanese Garden and City Flat Window are close to being done. Maybe an hour more each.



According to my new plan, I have very rough drafts done for the next 4 paintings: Snowy Scene, Earth Sunrise, Cafe Silhouettes, and Full Moon.


Now back to painting … have a nice week! Wish me a productive one.

The Roadside Scholar is a wonderful blog I’ve been reading regularly for some time now.  It’s written by Gigi, a photographer and fellow etsian.  She writes about art and designs she comes across on etsy and elsewhere on the internet. It’s a great resource for discovering some really interesting artwork, designs, etc.  She recently purchased one of my prints and wrote a blog post about me.  So please check it out!

In other news: The Blue Line Gallery opened it’s long awaited Gift Shop.  I have some of my small original painting and prints on consignment there.  I was pleased to find out that I sold 2 items (1 painting and 1 print) on the very first day! 🙂

I am all done with the paintings and I submitted them to the 20th Street Art Gallery yesterday afternoon. At the gallery I had the opportunity to pick up some postcards for the exhibit- see image below. I was excited to see one of my paintings made it on the postcard (circled in red). As it turns out the exhibit title has been shortened to “50-50” because they accepted about 75 artists. You can see samples from many of the artists here.


The exhibit will be up April 9th – May 2nd, 2008.

Since I started the blog a little after I started painting, there are several paintings I have not posted yet and there are a couple that I replaced. So, here are the ones you have not seen yet and all 50 together in hanging order (click to enlarge):

dog_sm.jpg masterpiece_sm.jpg ladybug.jpg pumpkin_sm.jpg ornament_sm.jpg sunny_tubbs_tn.jpg swing_sm.jpg 50photo_sm.jpg

Here are my paintings for yesterday and today. I hope you like them 🙂

Only 8 more to go- yay!