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I’ve been painting every day for a week now in preparation for  the 20-20 exhibit.  The gallery gave us more time than the last challange (the 50-50) I participated in, but this time I chose to work in oil which requires significantly more drying time.  So instead of completing a painting than starting a new one, I’m working on several at a time. I really like painting this way.

Here’s what I accomplished during week one.  I finished 2 paintings:

Orsay Clock window. This is from a photo I took at the Orsay Museum in Paris.


And this one:


And here are 4 that I’m working on:





Please check back next weekend for week 2 update.  Now back to painting . . .


I’m very excited to announce that my painting was selected as the image for the Official Roseville Centennial Poster.  For those of you that live in the area and would like to purchase one, they are available at the Blue Line Gallery for $15.00. The poster size is 18 x 24 inches.  A copy of this poster can also be found at the Roseville Library Archives.


Here’s my latest painting: Rosevillle

I created it for the Celebrating Roseville: A Centennial Exhibit at the Blue Line Gallery in Roseville CA. The city is celebrating its one hundredth year and the Blue Line Gallery is celebrating with the city 🙂

The painting is large (for me anyway), it’s 2′ x 3′ and very detailed. I had one month to complete it and I worked an incredible amount of hours on it. But alas it is complete!

Roseville Painting 2009 web

The exhibit opens Saturday night with live music by Gypsy Standard Time and snacks from Kelli’s cookies. Should be fun!

Here is the exhibit postcard. For more about the exhibit, click here.

I just framed one of my 50 miniature paintings titled “Sand Castle”. The Blue Line Gallery in Roseville is having a summer themed exhibit called “Sea, Sand and Sun” starting this Saturday. My painting will be part of the exhibit.

Please excuse the poor photo (lighting conditions were terrible). Anyway – you get the idea – white frame with the image floating on top of the mat. I think it goes really well with the image.

I am all done with the paintings and I submitted them to the 20th Street Art Gallery yesterday afternoon. At the gallery I had the opportunity to pick up some postcards for the exhibit- see image below. I was excited to see one of my paintings made it on the postcard (circled in red). As it turns out the exhibit title has been shortened to “50-50” because they accepted about 75 artists. You can see samples from many of the artists here.


The exhibit will be up April 9th – May 2nd, 2008.

Since I started the blog a little after I started painting, there are several paintings I have not posted yet and there are a couple that I replaced. So, here are the ones you have not seen yet and all 50 together in hanging order (click to enlarge):

dog_sm.jpg masterpiece_sm.jpg ladybug.jpg pumpkin_sm.jpg ornament_sm.jpg sunny_tubbs_tn.jpg swing_sm.jpg 50photo_sm.jpg

I decided to go ahead and replace my least favorite one – the boy tying his shoe laces. I think the idea was good, but the execution was not. Actually I never truly finished it. You haven’t seen this painting yet unless you looked at the photo of the first 28 paintings very carefully – it’s on there. However – it will not make it in the final 50.  Instead, I am working on a painting of a little boy helping in decorating a Christmas tree. It should be a really cute one.

And here are the toys that I’ve been working on all weekend:





I actually painted this a few days ago; I painted two that day.  The one I was working on tonight isn’t completely finished yet. But I promise it’s worth the wait – it’s a good one 🙂


Guess who this little rascal is? I’ve been thinking with all these trips down memory lane and not a single painting includes me. So here’s little Veronika with Grandpa about to push me on my red wagon.

Now that the painting is done, I have little dilemma: I don’t want this painting to sell. However, my contract with the 20th St Art Gallery for the upcoming 50-50-50 exhibition states that all 50 paintings must be for sale. My solution is, I will just have to buy it myself (or get someone else to buy it for me and I will pay them back). That’s right, as silly as that sounds, I’m going to buy a painting from myself. The gallery keeps 50% of the profits, so essentially I can get it for half off :). The reason I don’t want to risk this painting selling at the gallery is because I want to give it to my grandparents as a gift. I think they would really like it.

I also want to note on the painting I posted yesterday “Training Wheels” is actually my brother, Gabor on that bicycle – his legs anyway 🙂 . And the two photos I referenced for these two paintings were taken on the same day, same location.

Unfortunately, my scanner cannot get the the red tones right and not even my photoshop magic could correct it perfectly. The reds in the original painting are more rich and crimson rather than the slightly orangy color in this picture.