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This a commissioned piece I painted in April for Mary in Canandaigua. Thank you Mary, hope you enjoy the painting.

And this piece I painted for my Grandma’s 80th B-Day.  It’s from a photograph of my Grandma and me as a little girl.  I painted it on a wood panel, which was really fun and I love the way the wood grain shows through the painting.  Happy Birthday Grandma!


I am working on the final 2 paintings simultaneously because they go together (much like the treehouse and tree climbing paintings I did earlier in the series).  These two paintings represent toys – boy vs girl. I will post these two and possibly a photo of all 50 paintings tomorrow.

After those are done and if I feel up to it, I may paint another to replace my least favorite one.  I will also need to do some finishing touches to a couple of the paintings, put a protective coat on each, label them for the show and write up an artist statement.  And then I will deliver the paintings to the gallery on Tuesday.


I want to say thank you to everyone who visits my blog and a special thank you for all the wonderful comments.

I have several compositions now with a profile view of a little girl’s face. This seems to work really well with this small square format. There may be a few more to come.