Week 2 already?! Ok, so I wasn’t as productive as I should have been…so now I am behind schedule. But it’s okay. My new plan is to figure out as many of my ideas as I can and get the basic composition and/or background painted out. That way I will not need to stress over coming up with ideas and I can just paint.

So without further adieu … here’s what I accomplished this week …

I finished Montbleu Window, Tahoe. (Btw — these titles are not the official titles, I probably won’t have them titled until the end). This is a composite of several different photos I took from our hotel room window a couple years ago.

Tahoe-Montbleu-Window web

The Hummingbird Painting is mostly done.  I plan to spend a few minutes cleaning it up before it’s completely done and ready to be signed 🙂


The Japanese Garden and City Flat Window are close to being done. Maybe an hour more each.



According to my new plan, I have very rough drafts done for the next 4 paintings: Snowy Scene, Earth Sunrise, Cafe Silhouettes, and Full Moon.


Now back to painting … have a nice week! Wish me a productive one.