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Here are a few photos from the 50-50 artist reception and 2nd Saturday reception. Both events were extremely well attended, almost too well. There were so many people in the gallery, it was difficult to walk around.

The front of the gallery teeming with people on Saturday evening.

There I am in front of my work. I was fortunate because they placed my paintings by the front entrance of the gallery.

Channel 3 came out and interviewed an artist. And I believe one of my paintings made it on the News. Unfortunately, I did not see the broadcast.

As I mentioned earlier, the gallery was absolutely packed with people.

All in all, the opening went well. I hope some of my artwork is selling. 🙂 I would like to go back and check out the show one more time before it comes down. There are a lot of talented artists and I would like to go in when it isn’t so crowded so that I can actually enjoy the art and read some of the artist statements.


Hey there! On the 20th Street Art Gallery Blog there are a few pictures from the hanging of the show. I’m anxious to find out which wall my work will be on. Unfortunately, I did not spot my work among the photos they uploaded. But they do reveal an answer to something I’ve been wondering about: where are they going to hang 3500 pieces of art? Last year, they had 50 artists and the walls were covered with art, so I was real curious how they were going to hang approx 75 artists’ work. You can see on the photos that they set up panels that look almost like kiosks – and they are hanging artwork on its three sides. I assume they will have these kiosks placed throughout the gallery. Well, tomorrow is the big day – the artist reception and I’m very excited.

Now on a personal note. I got two adorable Shih Tzu puppies, Chewie & Gizmo. These little trouble-makers are so much fun – I’m very happy! 🙂

Chewie & Gizmo

Happy Friday!

One of the fellow artists participating in the 50-50, Francisco Castro, created a page on his website dedicated to 50-50 and he asked all the artists to send him their personal favorites from their own 50-50 series. Not everyone has responded to his request yet, but a good number of the artists have and you can view the web page here.

Those of you living the Sacramento Area, please come out 2nd Saturday (April 12) to the reception from 6pm-9pm. It’s at the 20th Street Art Gallery, 911 20th Street between J & I Streets. It should be a really fun exhibit with 3500 pieces of art hanging on the gallery walls.

And for those of you who cannot make it to the exhibit, I will post some photos after the artist reception next week.